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Name:ℜúŋfɽíðɽ Þóɽsðóʈʈíɽ ✧ ƦUȠA

beautiful ✧ beloved ✧ secret

Runfridr Thorsdottir was left in her father's care but a few months after her birth, and raised in the golden palace of Asgard in a manner befitting a princess of the Aesir. The people who knew her learned not to question the identity of the woman that bore her, or why magic seemed to pulse in her blood from her earliest years, or why the realm of Asgard alone isn't enough to satisfy her thirst for the arcane and elusive and mysterious. The heart of her power lies in dreams and shadows, tricks of the light, the not-real pretending to be real; she pushes herself to constant new heights and does not suffer defeat with even temper. What else is there but the next lesson, the next spell, the next world, and the next, and the next, and the next?

Hers is mongrel blood: summer and winter, order and chaos, truth and lies.

Ancient child with the unborn mother.

She has her father's beautifully blue eyes.
Most of the time.

"Strictly speaking, there is no me, because all is emptiness. I am empty, I am non-existent. All is bliss."
- The Scripture of the Golden Eternity, Jack Kerouac

Runfridr is an original character with canon in both the Marvel movieverse and Norse mythology.
I do not own Katie McGrath. I do own Runfridr.
Mun & Muse are over 18.
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